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Thieving magpie

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Magpie made of mouth blown glass and real feather. The magpie is a bird from the family of corvids and is widespread in many parts of Europe and Asia. Through its striking plumage, the bird is easy to recognize but few know that the magpie is considered one of the most intelligent animals ever. In Asia, the magpie is said to bring good luck and act as a friend of man, while in Europe, the magpie does not have the best reputation and has, among other things, the name "thieving magpie", because the likes to carry away shiny things. The offered bird is handmade of mouth-blown glass and carries a small golden key in its beak. The total length of the bird is about 15cm long, the glass body alone measures 9cm. With the metal clip, the bird can be easily attached to a branch or similar and is a beautiful decoration for the Christmas tree or other floral arrangements.

Note: Since these are unique pieces, they are never completely identical. When ordering multiple copies of the same item, slight differences in color and shape are to be expected. The branch is not included in the delivery.

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