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A special feature of our small manufactory is the wide variety of glass birds. This form-ornaments are blown in special ceramic shapes. Afterwards the birds will be painted, adorned with a real feather and finally equipped with a metal clip, so that they can be securely attached at a branch. Apart from the large number of native birds there are, of course, other traditional Christmas tree figures in our assortement. The product range is expanded slightly every year.

Besides the figurines, we have many other mouth-blown glass products, such as balls and candlesticks, which are blown from fire-resistant glass and are partly colored in the flame with metal oxides.

Another working technique is glass melting in the oven, the glass fusing. In this case, superposed glass parts can be fused with one another, or colored glass powders can be melted onto a carrier glass plate. The glass stars and also the window images are produced in this technique.

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